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Posted by in BlogComments Off on The 10 Core Commitments
The 10 Core Commitments

The 10 Core Commitments is a proven system which has been used by countless Associates to reach long term sustained success in LegalShield. Make a commitment to follow the 10 Core Commitments in your business.

1 Go Through the FIRST STEP Document

Go through the info at with every new Associate. Your goal is to get your new Associate into immediate action, get them plugged into the system, and book their PBR and PCC. Conduct at least 3 welcome calls with your new recruit.

2 Expose 2 People a Day with a Tool (5 Days a Week)

Expose two people a day using a tool (DVD, website, etc.). It’s important to remember that in this business you are the messenger and the 3rd party tool is the message. Teach this simply daily method of operation to all those on you team and your business will grow! If you, along with a group of 30 Associates were to expose two people a day, that would create 60 exposures in a day; 300 exposures a week; 1,200 exposures a month; and 14,400 exposures a year. You cannot possibly fail in building a large organization if this is taking place.

3 Attend Your Local Business Briefing

Make a personal commitment to attend 52 consecutive weekly business briefings. There are three main reasons to attend your weekly briefing: education, motivation and association.

4 Attend Basic Training

Attend Basic Training with every new Associate to show you care about their success. one of the questions we should be constantly asking ourselves is, “Would I want to be sponsored by me?” Repetition is key to mastering the fundamentals of LegalShield so we suggest you go as often as possible.

5 Send Out One Long-Distance Packet Every Week

Sending out one long-distance recruiting packet (DVD) every week is a simple discipline – easy to do, but also easy not to do. If you and your team practice this strategy, in 24 months 80% of your business could easily be outside of your backyard. Key: Follow up immediately the day the prospect receives the packet and do a 3-way call with your upline.

6 Attend All Super Saturday and Regional Events

If you will attend all Super Saturday and Regional events within 150 miles of your home, you will be able to quickly apply the learned knowledge, activity knowledge, modeling knowledge and teaching knowledge concepts. Your goal is to attend with as many Associates as you can, learn everything you can, and have your teams attendance grow every month.

7 Attend All Corporate and Team Conventions

The best way to learn to succeed in LegalShield is to get to know and spend time with leaders who have reached the highest levels of success in this business. And the best way to be able to do that is attend all corporate and team conventions. Typically, there are 3 of these events per year. Your goal is to attend each of them and bring as many team members as you can, which will assist you in creating massive momentum within your organization.

8 Personal Development

Commit to reading at least 10 pages of a good book per day and listen to at least 30 minutes of a great audio a day. Leaders are readers and in order for your income to grow, you must grow. LegalShield Millionaire Chris Hughes says, “In order for your future to be significantly better than the past, you’ve got to get significantly better in the present, and these types of activities are among the best ways to do that.”

9 Find a Workout Partner

Find another Associate that sees this business the same way you do. Workout partners should challenge and stretch each other and not co-sign on each others weaknesses and excuses.

10 Be Here a Year From Now

It has been said that commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood in which you said it in has passed. When you stop to consider the 10 Core Commitments, being here a year from now is the single most important one of all. If you stay actively involved in doing these 9 activities and commit to be here a year from now, you will learn everything you need to know to create a successful business.

“The reason people fall out of LegalShield is the same reason they fall out of bed….they just weren’t in it far enough! By following these 10 Core Commitments, you will stay far away from the edge making it impossible for you to fall out of the business!” – Chris Hughes

Many Associates have found the easiest way to inspect that they are following the 10 Core Commitments is to separate them into daily, weekly, monthly and annual methods of operation. It looks like:

* Every day I will expose 2 people to the LegalShield membership or business using a 3rd party tool, read 10 pages a day of a good book, listen to 30 minutes a day of a great audio and touch base with my workout partner.

* Every week I will attend my local business briefing, as well as any trainings or conference calls and send out one long-distance recruiting packet.

* Every month I will attend at least one Super Saturday or Regional Event.

* Every year I will attend both Corporate conventions as well as my team convention.

We recommend that you download and print the 10 Core Commitments display them where you can see them every day.