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Chris & Sky Hughes (UT)

In 1999, Chris wanted three things, badly. He wanted to get married, have children, and be a best-selling author and speaker. At the time, he was a 27 year old, college drop out, living in the bad part of town in Ft. Worth, Texas. He often wondered, How will I ever get married, or have kids if I can’t even take care of myself? Who’s gonna want to read my book or come to my seminar?

He decided he needed a launching pad; a place where he could not only become successful, so he had a story to tell, but a place where he could learn the necessary skills to do what he really wanted to do.

He was wide-eyed, ambitious, and on the hunt for opportunity. Several job offers came his way, each of which he took, all of which paid him about the same amount; which was below the poverty level. One of the jobs he took, was at a personal development company doing inside sales. He was terrible at the job, but while there, he began to learn the principles of success; one of which was the concept of having regular masterminds with likeminded people. He shared what he had learned with his brothers, and in August of 1999, they began having weekly masterminds.

During the second mastermind meeting, and during a lull in the conversation, Chris’ sister-in-law said, “There’s something we want to show you. You may or may not be interested. And it will only take 15 minutes.” Then she slid a tape into the VCR. It was a video about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Before the video was over, Chris decided he was in. Though it would take him several weeks to come up with the initial investment, he began sharing the business with family and friends, so he could hit the ground running once he completed his application.

His first year in Pre-Paid Legal, he earned 3 times more money working part time than he did at his full time job. His second year, his PPL income doubled. In his third year, his income tripled!

Chris and Sky were married in July of 2002. They enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon at a 5-star resort on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. Two days after returning, they rushed off to the PPL Convention where they were recognized for having earned more than $100,000 in Pre-Paid Legal in a 12 month period of time. In less than 3 years, and from scratch, Chris was able to earn a six-figure passive income!

After more than 11 years with the company, life is radically and wonderfully different. They are full time parents to their 3 boys, and are excited to welcome their first daughter into the world in May of 2011.

Pre-Paid Legal has given the Hughes’ the opportunity to fulfill many of their dreams. They have been able to travel, buy homes and dream cars, invest in real estate, become debt free, start several businesses, support missionaries, their church and charities, volunteer at their children’s schools, and most importantly, be full time parents.

Most recently, the Hughes’ moved from Southern California to enjoy a much slower lifestyle in the mountains of Utah. Since their move, Chris has finished his first two books, an audio program,  and is well on his way to fulfilling the dreams of his childhood. The Hughes’ love what Pre-Paid Legal has done for them, and are so grateful.